My iOS8 adventure as a Xamarin developer

With this post I sum up my experiences with iOS8 as a developer. If possible I will provide solutions and workarounds.

The release of iOS8 is really unfortunate for me. A lot of my demos have stopped working and it seems like there are some really annoying bugs in iOS8.

Update: Added working example for reachability

Update: Apple confirms bug in iOS8 Simulator regarding backgrounding.

Update: explanation for the NSUrlSession issue found!

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iOS8 is draining your iPhone’s battery? Maybe here’s why.

If you like me are an early adoptor of iOS8 – be it because you’re just or curious about the new feature, or did it for work – you might have noticed that your device’s battery life might have decreased a lot. Yesterday I talked to some developer-friends and they told me: “You know what’s cool, iOS8 keeps on running threads even if applications have been backgrounded!” I was baffled.

UPDATE: This post has been moved and is now part of…arin-developer/ ‎

Android – handling screen rotation and different layouts using Fragments with Xamarin

When I was asked if I could demo how to handle different screen sizes and rotation in Android, I created a small project which I’d like to share here. You can find the complete repo at Github.

The demo uses Xamarin.Android and was built using the Compatibility Lib v4 to support Android’s navigation drawer layout. Fragments are used directly and not via the compatibility packages.

Navigation Drawer on a Nexus 7

Navigation Drawer on a Nexus 7

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Change language in Google’s Developer console

If you are (like me) located in Germany but prefer to use the Google Developer Console in English, I encourage you to navigate to now and then try to change your language settings. I’m waiting here…

You’re back? What do you mean, it’s not possible? Turns out you’re almost right. I talked to Google support and indeed there is nothing in the UI that would allow you to switch the language. However there’s a workaround. Just append “&hl=en” to the URL and you’re set!

Visual Studio fails to connect to Xamarin Build Host

Is it one of those rainy days where you sit in front of  your Mac and would like to try out the latest and greatest Xamarin features like Xamarin.Forms and then Visual Studio refuses to connect to the Xamarin Build Host?

Xamarin Build Host

You did not change anything of course. It just stopped working over night. That’s what computers do to keep us busy. Your options: Xamarin support? Takes to long, so let’s resolve this all by ourselves.

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Making UITextView’s size exactly fit its content on iOS7

Sometimes you might want to add a UITextView as a subview to your layout, give it a specific width, assign some textual content to it and then make the text view exactly so high that it won’t scroll.

Back in the good old days of iOS6 one would just set the Frame size to the ContentSize of the UITextView. Done. But this does not work any longer on iOS7.

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