Making UITextView’s size exactly fit its content on iOS7

Sometimes you might want to add a UITextView as a subview to your layout, give it a specific width, assign some textual content to it and then make the text view exactly so high that it won’t scroll.

Back in the good old days of iOS6 one would just set the Frame size to the ContentSize of the UITextView. Done. But this does not work any longer on iOS7.

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Management of iOS provisioning profiles with Xamarin

Recently I ran into some problems with iOS provisioning profiles while using Visual Studio for Xamarin. Some profiles wouldn’t show up and in the end I got super confused and started to wonder:

  • I’m inside Visual Studio here on a Windows machine and it shows me a list of profiles. Where do they come from?
  • There is Xamarin Studio on the Mac (the build host) and it also has a list of profiles. In addition it allows me to log in to my Apple developer account.
  • And we have Xcode. Guess what: provisioning profiles there, too and also a login dialog.

In the good old days, everything related to profiles was managed in the Xcode Organizer. Then Apple decided to strip Organizer down to the bare minimum and include everything into Xcode’s preferences.

Post has been updated because of changes in Xamarin Studio

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Xamarin, your first iOS application and the transition to Android: a Screencast for beginners

These days at school, chances are high that your first contact with programming was with C#, just like it was C, C++ or Java years before. Maybe you made some “Hello World!” application for the text console or used WPF to “design” your UI and then do something on a button’s click. That’s all fascinating but you don’t really see why you would put further effort into this. And so the basic C# knowledge sits there in the back of your head, waiting to be resurrected.


Hello, World! – I am a software developer

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Xamarin’s Visual Studio Plugin, missing Android devices, Genymotion and Parallels Desktop – don’t panic!

You are a Mac owner. You’re used to the fact that “things just work”. But you are also a programmer, eager to write software for Android platforms using Xamarin? You even managed to set up your development environment using your Mac, Parallels Desktop, Windows 8 and Xamarin. And now you are trying deploy your first Xamarin Android application to your physical device or an emulator? Alright, please try that now. Fail. Then come back to this article and read on.

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My Personal Digital Treasure Chest – how Dosbox keeps Memories alive

I don’t know if this is only happening to me. But from time to time I find myself digging in my archived digital life. I have a folder on my hard drive called “Old Stuff” which resides under “Development”.

It usually starts with meeting an old friend from back in the 1990s, or by seeing an old 2D game with pixels the size of bricks. This makes me nostalgic.

Recently, I read a blogpost by Scott Hanselman about how to run old games on modern computers in Dosbox. And I started to think:

Wasn’t everything better back then? Well, not everything, but everything related to computers, programming and gaming at least? In my memories it was better – but it’s probably a good thing that we cannot bring back the past. Memories usually are better than reality really was. But then again…we had Turbo Pascal in the last century!


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Storing passwords in the iOS Keychain – now with iCloud sync

What’s this about?

Today, I have updated an old piece of code I wrote long ago when I started with Xamarin.iOS – back then still known as MonoTouch and I thought, why not let the world know? Maybe some folks might find the code useful.

In this article we will deal with accessing the iOS keychain and how to store and retrieve passwords.

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Flying – a new dimension of freedom


D-KWIT – my (rented) motor glider

Two things have come together:

  • My TMG rating is about to expire and requires renewal
  • I have discovered a proposal on to create a Q&A site about aviation

So it’s maybe time to blog a bit about how I got my private pilot license (PPL).

But first of all – if you’re interested in aviation, I would like you to join this proposal on Stack Exchange:

Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Aviation

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