My name is René. But what is a “Krumelur”? There was a plush toy at IKEA which was named liked this and my wife said that it would remind her of me…a friend from Finland once said it means “worthless crap”, or “bric-a-brac”. I guess it’s a good thing that I’m married to my lovely wife and not the my friend from Suomi!

I’m a software developer located in Rosenheim, Germany. If you connect Munich and Salzburg and stop in the middle, you’ve found my place.
For me, software development is genesis. It’s fascinating how a piece of code evolves and becomes something that is (hopefully) useful or fun.
To find my balance, I need to shift into the physical world sometimes and create something that is “real”, like my son’s wood play house or the Volkswagen Beetle I restored from scratch.

My first computer was a C64 – of course – but I have never written a single line of code for it. Only later with the first 286 intel machine my coding career started: BEGIN. Turbo Pascal! What a language. END. Quickly, Assembler code became a major part of my Pascal source. It was a fascinating time: directly manipulating registers and ports of the VGA graphics card, counting cycles and horizontal retraces used to be daily business.

During my Computer Science Studies I found out that C/C++ and I will never be good friends. It simply felt wrong for me. Compared to Pascal the language was cryptic. But then, Microsoft announced .NET and C# and there it was: my language!

Then, the iPhone came out. And one was supposed to program for it in C…well, Objective-C. So I had to learn Objective-C, made some test apps and again this little voice said: this feels wrong. Objective-C and I won’t be good friends.

And suddenly, Xamarin announced MonoTouch aka Xamarin.iOS and all the fun from back in the days returned: defined and powerful hardware and this beautiful language!
But there was more: Android, also using C# for programming!
The result of this Xamarin “infection” in 2013:

If you would like to get in touch with me, contact me on LinkedIn. I’m always looking for cool iOS or Android projects.
You can find my full profile there.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hallo Krumeltur,

    ich bin von deinem Kinderbett für den T5 begeistert. Unsere Kinder sind es auch. Nun möchte ich bauen. Kannst Du mir die Maße von den vier Flächen geben?
    Wo verstaust Du das Bett während der Fahrt?

    Vielleicht kannst Du auch hierzu was sagen. Wie verdunkelt man den T5 am besten?

    Danke und Grüße

    • Sorry, das ist so lange her. Das Bett ist inzwischen im Ofen gelandet, nachdem es keiner wollte und wir auf einen T5 mit Klappdach umgestiegen sind. 😦
      Ich habe keine Ahnung mehr, welche Maße das waren. Gelagert wurde das immer im Kofferraum. Zum Verdunkeln hat meine Frau Vorhänge genäht, die wurden oben und unten auf einspreizbaren Metallstangen mit Gummienden aufgezogen. In unserem California Beach ohne Innenverkleidung ist das mit Magneten gelöst. Viel Erfolg!

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